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Finally, examination of the basilar artery showed complete transection.
Only one case among Group I victims showed transection of the trunk at the level of abdomen.
In this high risk group particular care should be taken on completion of the resection to identify subtle bile leaks at the liver transection margin.
13,14) In contrast, indirect popliteal artery transection has never been reported as a postoperative complication of primary TKA and revision TKA.
Aortic transection is a rare injury and results from blunt trauma to the thoracic cage.
Complete vessel transection has been reported as a common cause for failure of an endovascular approach, primarily due to difficulty with crossing the complete transection and its associated hematoma.
21 type A--bile leak from cystic duct stump or gallbladder bed; type B--aberrant right hepatic duct occlusion; type C--aberrant right hepatic duct transection; type D--partial (<50%) transection of a major bile duct; and type E-->50% transection or complete transection of a major bile duct (further subclassified as E1-->2 cm from the confluence of the left and right hepatic ducts; E2--<2 cm from confluence; E3--no common hepatic duct remnant with an intact hepatic duct confluence; E4--destruction of the hepatic duct confluence; and E5--aberrant right sectoral duct in conjunction with an injury to the common hepatic duct).
Tissue movement or slippage during firing can result in poorly formed and spaced staples as well as the need for extra firings to complete the intended tissue transection.
Survival after traumatic complete laryngotracheal transection.
8 The gamut for these injuries is large with a range encompassing minor leaks to complete transection of the main duct requiring complex repair to be undertaken.
Endovascular repair of traumatic thoracic aortic transection has emerged as a viable alternative to surgical management.