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Parenchymal transection was performed using a surgical blade in the 3 HVE cases, with combinations of the Cavitron Ultra Sonic Aspirator (CUSA), Harmonic Scalpel, and unipolar diathermy for the rest.
Born with spinal cord transection, which has left him without the use of his legs, the Londoner has today's marathon to go for a great climax to the Games.
Hypothalamic-pituitary function in growth hormone-deficient patients with pituitary stalk transection.
5 mm; fronds lanceolate; midribs distinctly keeled on abaxial surface with the transection deltoid; sori short and dense, occupying less than 1/2 length of veins, (10)13-18 sori every 2 cm length along midribs.
Vomeronasal nerve transection has been shown to reduce the probability of eliciting a strike (Alving & Kardong, 1996), and suturing closed the oral ducts leading to the vomeronasal organs produced complete cessation of strikes (Graves & Duvall, 1985), making assessment of the effects of vomeronasal deprivation on poststrike behaviors difficult.
Residual neurological deficits included only a right seventh cranial nerve palsy related to traumatic seventh-nerve transection from the gunshot wound.
We write, in column 7, the abscissas of the points of transection of the straight and adjacent hyperbolas.
They also found that after optic nerve transection (mimics acute injury), intraperitoneal injection of rhEPO at 5,000 U (42 [micro]g, 1 ml)/ kg enhanced the survival of RGCs.
Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): Doctors at Scott and White Memorial Hospital have performed one of America's first implants of a Next Generation Conformable GORE TAG Thoracic Endoprosthesis device for the treatment of a traumatic aortic transection as part of a national clinical trial.
Although the immune response is primarily directed against myelin, axonal transection has been shown to occur acutely.
1) Known risk factors for systemic metastasis include involvement of the choroid, orbital tissues, and retrolaminar optic nerve and involvement of the optic nerve to the line of transection.