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samples collected at various distances along transects from the cultured plot edges), date (samples collected on each sampling date), and harvest state (samples collected during different periods of geoduck harvest, with subcategories as indicated earlier).
Results--We obtained 58 scrub-jay detections from opportunistic surveys and 31 scrub-jay detections from transect surveys.
transects 1 to 3), differences in means did occur and their magnitude was related to sample size (Fig.
Hide samples were initially cut at a larger size then trimmed to 10 x 10 cm, and ticks were then counted on 4 transects on each sample as described above.
Strip transect sampling and analysis for avian habitat studies.
Where the null hypothesis of normality was accepted, a Welch's t-test was used to compare larval fish concentrations between transects within gear and then between gear across both transects.
Differences in species richness, mean conservatism, and floristic quality index were assessed at both transect and quadrat level.
In 2006, a total of 134 active burrows fell within the nine transects in low-impact area.
We conducted surveys along 15 transects at the Middle Fork Fish and Wildlife Area (MFFWA) in Vermilion County, IL in August and September 1995.
Sites were sampled in October 2007, in transects from the inside to the outside of the wetland, in an attempt to characterise the transition in soils (Fig.