transfer again

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And if your son doesn't pay off the balance before the end of the interest-free period and then has to transfer again, these fees can add up to more than the interest that he would have paid had he done nothing.
I waited a couple of months, and then attempted to transfer again.
Lopez had clarified that the legitimate contractualization was different from the illegal endo schemes, wherein workers are hired temporarily for a five-month contract and then transfer again to another entity for another five-month contract.
Transfer again into cleaned, recycled wine bottles.
But now AVB is ready to smash Spurs' record transfer again with a move for Hulk.
But while such disparities in spending highlight the challenge Moyes is up against, the respective transfer again reinforce the canniness he possesses.
8 million from Dynamo Kiev in July 1999, being offloaded on a free transfer again when his year's contract runs out.
Though it never came to fruition, he talked with his old high school coach about the possibility he would need to transfer again.
This is difficult in a number of conditions--it is clumsy, say, to transfer a wheelchair-bound person to the stairlift, get the wheelchair up- or downstairs, and make the transfer again --and is not much help in allowing the individual to do things like bringing groceries, packages, and/or laundry from floor to floor.
Under such an analysis, the transfer again is considered a constructive dividend to the owner spouse.
transfer again at Oakland's 12th Street/City Center to a San