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Tenders are invited for Composite Tender For Setting Up Operation And Maintenance And Transfer Back Of Executive Lounges And Refurbishment Maintenance And Transfer Back Of Retiring Rooms At Lucknow Jn And Gorkhpur Jn Rly Stn
He previously scored 30 goals in 89 games for the Bluebirds and had been linked with a transfer back to South Wales this summer.
If you return to NSW again in the future, you can simply request to transfer back from ANF Victoria to the NSWNA again.
Dedicated advisors ensure the students' schedules are arranged so they can make the most use of their season passes, and that their course credits will transfer back to their home institutions.
I think our advantage is the child can transfer back into a school having utilized the same curriculum .
When it became clear that we were going to transfer back to DDR & E in 2004, I took the opportunity to seek permission to get DTIC established as a field activity.
has used accounts at Swiss and Hong Kong banks to deposit, and then transfer back, gains from sales of Livedoor shares which it handed over to takeover target firms, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.
At Jenkintown, passengers will transfer back to train service to reach Center City.
By the decade of the '60s, when my father's Federal job offered him a transfer back to West Virginia, I remember Mom and Pop's conflicted emotions and long debates over the quality of education and file racial climate back home.
His transfer back to Canada as Archbishop of Quebec City occurred in November 2002, where he succeeded retiring Archbishop Maurice Couture in January 2003.
The transfer is instant (within 20 to 30 milliseconds), as is the transfer back once utility power is restored.
Diageo will return the 45% equity stake it holds in Jose Cuervo SA and Jose Cuervo will transfer back to Diageo its ownership interest in certain Diageo brands in Mexico.