transfer of title

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Failure to cause the transfer of title to the land or condominium unit in the OFW's name under the Torrens system may cause conflicts of title to real estate and will not prevent innocent third persons to whom said real property may be fraudulently sold from claiming their ownership thereto.
In the absence of a transfer of title, it is submitted that, a transaction cannot be called a "sale".
His system replaced several variants of English Common Law by which an exchange of land deed constituted transfer of title.
At a media briefing with Bahrain Bay Development, the senior management team from Ajmera Mayfair Group provided an update on the project's progress, in addition to announcing the completion of its land payment and the transfer of title from Bahrain Bay to Ajmera Mayfair.
net/multimedia/en/62107/Bauxite-ResourcesHighlights:- Transfer of Title for the Queensland bauxite tenements - 17 tenements covering 5000 square kilometers- Target of 200 Million Tonnes of Bauxite- Successful listing of the company on the last trading day of the year prior to Summer break- Shallow material targeted for early extraction- Reduction of key costs with proximity to major infrastructure- No Native Title Complications- Increased Bauxite demand curve with growth of new China/Asian markets for Aluminium- Global demand for Aluminium has increased tenfold in recent years- Australia has 60% of global Bauxite exports- Chinese Parties in concurrent negotiation- DSO for NSW tenementsSource:Australian Bauxite Limited
Hence, the transfer of title and full ownership is predicated on the successful completion of the contract, so a substantial risk of forfeiture exists with regard to A's absolute ownership of the widget manufacturing equipment.
The term "payment of cash in advance' shall be interpreted as payment before the transfer of title to, and control of, the exported items to the Cuban purchaser," Dorgan's amendment says.
The 21 chapters cover provisions on topics that include: trade terms, price, permits and licenses, payment, delivery, transfer of title and risk, bills of lading and other documents for carriage of goods, force majeure and hardship, intellectual property, dispute resolution, governing law, and language.
He implies that the government took ownership of the Tote as a means of facilitating a smooth transfer of title, and on the basis that the industry should trust it to protect its long-established interests.
All time periods run from the date of transfer of title.
It is important that the arrangement is properly documented so that all the necessary terms are set out, the land is identified accurately and the transfer of title is registered properly.

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