transfer of title

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We are delighted to have confirmation of the transfer of title of our mining claims.
Upon the transfer of title, the equipment will need to be appraised to determine its fair market value.
Their opinion was since the transfer of title occurred before the law took effect, no payment is required," Wilsona School District Superintendent Ned McNabb said.
Within 6 months of transfer of title RMB 8 million (~US$ 1 million)
Changes included: 1) an expanded definition of "financial transaction" to include the transfer of title to vehicles, aircraft, and real property; 2) authority for the U.
It is important to note that the transfer of title may or may not occur at the same place where the TPP is delivered or made available for purposes of paragraphs 142(1)(a) and 142(2)(a).
AOE - TSX Venture Exchange) ("Access" or the "Company") has announced the agreed transfer of title of the 80 mu of land and all concessions as approved by the City of Penglai in addition to the waiver of all rights in the usage of the transferred 80 mu by Sino Canada Jianwen Property Holdings Ltd.
Payment Is Required To Be Made In Full Before Delivery Or Transfer Of Title Is Released.
INTERIOR MINISTER Sokratis Hasikos on Thursday urged the public to avoid delaying the transfer of title deeds in the hope that transfer fees would be reduced.
The e-mail from Emr read: "We would like to advise you to complete the transfer of title of your property within this week.
The first way is to have it written into your contract that the seller chooses the title company and is responsible for all fees associated with the transfer of title.
A While a transfer of title in the house will ensure your children get the appropriate inheritance, it may lead to a large inheritance tax bill.

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