transfer right

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While Bartomeu defended the transfer, Benedito stated that he thought it wrong to carry out such a huge transfer right ahead of the Catalan team's presidential election, which is scheduled for July 18.
The only thing is that Bruges do not want to talk about a transfer right now.
There is no topic of Lewandowski's transfer right now," Klopp (http://final-ligi-mistrzow-2013.
Asia is on the cusp of that huge transfer right now and that really requires a different kind of skill set," he said at the Reuters Summit held at the Thomson Reuters office in Singapore.
I know it's difficult to get every single transfer right but I feel the ones we brought in in January did well and definitely improved things.
Ben Harvey converted that try as a precursor to a total of four conversions and one penalty before centre Ally McLaughlin's drive up the left ended in quick transfer right for Bressington's second score.
It was also suggested at the meeting to use the telemetric data-sharing system via satellites envisaging automatic data transfer right from the dams.
Stourbridge recovered their own kick-off and a quick transfer right put winger Tom Beechey in.
As a result, I am looking forward to gleaning people's per-ceptions of technology transfer right across the board, from the farmer who is directly targeted, through to the marketing sectors, private companies, research bodies and policy makers.
It's nice to think so many teams are interested in me from the strongest league in the world but I'm not thinking about a transfer right now.