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TRANSFERENCE, Scotch law. The name of an action by which a suit, which was pending at the time the parties died, is transferred from the deceased to his representatives, in the same condition in which it stood formerly. If it be the pursuer who is dead, the action is called a transference active; if the defender, it is a transference passive. Ersk. Prin. B. 4, t. 1, n. 32.

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Thus the question of transference is coupled with counter-transference and the psychoanalysis is viewed as mutual, and reciprocal (although asymmetrical), of two individuals trying to primarily help one--the patient (Aron, 2001).
Arguably, the intertwined psychic sadomasochistic elements involved in transference and counter-transference reaches beyond the written text and highlights the vulnerabilities of the therapist.
The Freudian posture of pronouncing judgments about resistance and transference distortions has evolved.
The stock market rally has triggered massive fund transference from time deposit accounts to demand deposit accounts.
Freud first understood transference as the unconscious wishes and longings of the patient placed onto the person of the therapist.
The Council of Ministers endorsed the transference and amendments of Iraqi ministries and offices, bringing the total for the 2008 budget to 70 billion ID, the highest in Iraq's history," Ali al-Dabagh, spokesman for the Iraqi government, said in statement received by Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
Its transference, by its time, constitutes a complex phenomenon that involves different functions, agents and variable factors, forming a process that is not reducible to simple factors, that involves technical, economical and social changes, once they affect not only engineering activities, but also several sides of managing and organization activities (Saad, 2000).
According to chapter 4, both director and directee need to be aware of transference (directed at the spiritual director) and countertransference (directed at the directee).
The advantage for us to do that is to be able to have transference of students from one school to the next," he says.
So far, the meetings have emphasised the transference of power in British tennis from the Englishman to the Scotsman.
In particular, Reardon-Anderson forcefully engages (and seeks to modify) the standard transference of frontier theories of Richard White, William Cronin and Frederick Jackson Turner familiar to American historians to non-American contexts.
Whenever I ask my colleagues what they find most upsetting, I am usually told that transference of guilt is the biggest problem.