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TRANSFERENCE, Scotch law. The name of an action by which a suit, which was pending at the time the parties died, is transferred from the deceased to his representatives, in the same condition in which it stood formerly. If it be the pursuer who is dead, the action is called a transference active; if the defender, it is a transference passive. Ersk. Prin. B. 4, t. 1, n. 32.

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Listening for transferential pulls and enactments and then ensuring that they are addressed in supervision will heighten any counselor's awareness of therapeutic boundary violations and boundary confusion.
She points to Lacan's insight that all learning is driven through powerful affects: "[I]nsofar as knowledge is itself a structure of addresses, cognition is always both motivated and obscured by love; theory, both guided and misguided by an implicit transferential structure" (in Felman, 1997: 32).
Though transference may not be necessarily a negative force in poetry, I believe that a poet too should be keenly aware of being "implicated in a transferential relation in which one is both situated in a contemporary existential context and tends to repeat, at least discursively, the processes that one studies.
will manifest in their motives such transferential information" (225-26).
The notion of stance as style helps us to avoid looking for reconciliation, and turns us to looking instead at the route through which transferential logic makes its own kind of sense, in sequence and in context.
I cannot leave this chapter without quoting its wonderful final sentence - wonderful for the way in which alternatives, separated by dashes and no less than five little "or" are tossed one by one like so many juggler's pins at the hapless reader, until they all come crashing to the floor: "Suffice it to say that for the time being, rather than an opposition - even if dialectical - or a fusion between Chan and local or popular religion, or between Chan and official religion, we can observe an intertwining of - or a transferential relationship among - antagonistic or analogous segments of each of these religious traditions" (p.
In doing so, Ulmer's applications of high theory to and through technology and within the transferential settings of teaching are always at the same time personalizations of a terminal case, gadget love.
As in the transferential relationship between analysand and analyst, in Romantic narrative meaning does not "unfold at the level of either life or text, but through the differences between the novel and the 'events' or facts that it symbolically transforms or anamorphically deforms" (xx).
However, transferential interpretations are not a focus as they may interfere with the development of an authentic therapeutic relationship and encounter (Cohn, 1997).
From the Spirituality Discussion group that I noted earlier, Joe Lancia and I coined the terms, religiocultural transference and religiocultural countertransference, to describe transferential material that may emerge in response to religious differences and similarities (Abernethy & Lancia, 1998).
So the master's discourse is the starting point, as is the subject presumed to know, because of their origin in the transferential matrix.
At the same time, we want to encourage members to share their authentic emotional resonance to the dream, their 'echoes' of the dreamer's experience (Friedman, 2004), as long as they are freely generated primordial associations and not projective or transferential ones.