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Hideous torment-- burns, white blasts, Transfigures single grains to strength thru pain, the strength that strengthens forms these jewels with will to live yet death to face,Aa These lustrous Pearls of Gaza.
Imagination transfigures the image of the loved one.
Seeds transform into plants, into vine buds, into ripe, juicy, delicious fruit--a reminder that the Divine Light penetrates all created matter and transfigures and transforms our world.
Such an ivory tower has long ceased to exist anyway, not least because its increasing dependence on precarious and performance- assessed labour transfigures the actual practice of 'academic freedom'.
Wright transfigures the scene of the Dogon boy encountering the first phase of his initiation, in which he must undergo an hallucinatory, Manichaean vision of the universe in the light of the knowledge that he will obtain from his vision.