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The exotic juxtapositions and combinations of apparently unrelated objects, images, and such--"The smell / Of ink and / The shape of / Wyoming"--and the paratactic kaleidoscopies of the early poems find a more mature and technically accomplished expression in the poems from The Transfiguring Places on, which tend to be more openly, but also more intricately, autobiographical: "Back in the old house, / But I'm not back there yet, / And won't be until June, / In the summer break.
Her characters, for the most part, live as strangers in the province of joy, ignorant of the concerns of their true country, and heedless of the transfiguring vision of love and charity.
Interim Force in Lebanon, and ''expanding and transfiguring it.
Both Rhoden and King worked collaboratively with their lighting and set designers, Michael Korsch and Robert Rosenwasser respectively, to create transfiguring landscapes on stage.
There are magnificent, transfiguring and emotionally lacerating songs here.
The work stems from a reflection on sculpture as a manifestation of this same energy, on a formal plane, joined to matter--here apparently associated with the practice of sleep and the oneiric work and transfiguring energy of the dream.
A SINGLE LOOK AT THE architecture, the transfiguring surfaces of Tokyo, and one is immediately struck by the way, strata-like, it has evolved as a high-tech base and sounding board, while never quite managing to dispel its shambolic image.
The wall is the most profoundly transfiguring element imposed on the Australian landscape by European settlers.
That vision changes knowledge, transfiguring it and transforming it.
As he proceeds chronologically through his textual exhibits, Butler continues to mark the tension between the deterministic appearance of external events that seemed (and seem) to some critics symptomatic of frustrating stasis and the transfiguring of historical conditions in consciousness.
Yes, water is the Chicago-based director's medium of choice in depicting these classic Greco-Roman morality tales, most of which deal with love's transfiguring power.
Women's Theology in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Transfiguring the Faith of Their Fathers.