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Cow liver tissue samples were taken from the 11th or 12th right intercostal space by liver transfixion pin.
9) Rosa's report of her confrontation with Clytie (who"passes" for Henry to the eye of Rosa who, "running out of the bright afternoon" into "the dim light" [109], has yet to adjust to the darkness) testifies unwittingly to a tension between her transfixion with Clytie's visual sameness and her defensive impulse to name the woman "interracial Other.
Transfixion pins and wires traverse the axial plane of the limb, with the two shanks of the pin or wire protruding from opposite sides of the bone.
Modny and Bambara introduced the transfixion intramedullary nail in 1953.
A patient with mild tip depression and an excessively long caudal septum can be treated with a simple excision of the caudal septum, with or without a hemi- or complete transfixion incision of the excess mucoperichondrial flap.