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Secularization may have been a work in progress from the mid-19th century but only in the 1960s did it become unstoppable or transformable.
Meanwhile, three different labs have found three different adult stem cells that may be transformable to all cell types.
CUSTOMISED: The C3 Pluriel has a range of transformable features
Because the existing globalization is humanly constructed, it is transformable through human efforts.
As the last line of defense in an epic intergalactic war, the player must pilot the Veritech Valkyrie, the transformable fighter that combines the aerial grace of F-14 Tomcats and the firepower of an armored division.
25), in other words, tied to the factual order -- and traditional (internal, local life world-related) codes, which are not transportable to a national level, from transformable universalist codes.
meningitidis within such a truncated immobile transposon (1) and the possibility of transfer of this type of resistance among highly transformable organisms such as Neisseria spp.
It is easily transformable and can describe any type of content.
That is why universally designed learning materials, with their built-in flexibility, offer promise for creating a transformable general curriculum truly accessible to all learners," Rose notes.
Once the definitions are founded on what is" 'natural to a thing,' "they are not alienable, transformable, or escapable.
At this month's Gourmet Products Show, Relaxor will introduce 8 new products, including its transformable massagers -- multi-versatile products that can be used as one type of massager and then be transformed to another type of massager.
Its author is to be thanked and congratulated - since such things are so rarely said nowadays - for having given both to myth and to careful introspection, as well as to the forever renewable, transformable medium of prose, new form and new life.

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