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The transformation scene was only a test really but it's bypassed the rest of my videos.
Even the transformation scene - crafted by effects supremo Rick Baker - isn't up to much.
One supporter of the show has been Middlesbrough-based Laura Day bridal wear, which has been Theatre Farm's very own Fairy Godmother by supplying Cinders with a stunning dress for the magical transformation scene.
The Christmas tree transformation scene in Birmingham Royal Ballet's sumptuous Nutcracker is one such.
The emphases of production lay in: the visual splendours of the transformation scene at the end of the 'Opening' (Act 1) and the costumes and masks of the performers; the enlargement of the cast to enable spectacular crowd scenes; a grand ballet; and the traditional harlequinade, the second part of the pantomime, which followed the transformation scene.
The highlight of the film for many was the transformation scene of the creepy Im-Ho-Tep (Boris Karloff) to a living creature in search of his long lost love.
I loved the hippogriff, although the werewolf transformation scene has been done - and better - hundreds of times before.
THE Fly on the Wall calls to say he stumbled across an amazing transformation scene last week, so astonishing that he had to rub his several eyes to make sure he wasn't imagining things.
In the ballroom he creates an impression of crowds with his intelligent manipulation of just a few elegant couples, while in the transformation scene he offers a tableau with dragonflies and grasshoppers to inject needed fairy-tale feeling.
Hollow Man's signature transformation scene -- which doctors and anatomy experts have hailed for its accuracy -- was made possible by Discreet's combustion.
In the Transformation Scene, light pours down as though from some celestial source, while the community stands in silhouette.

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