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And yes, social protection policy should be transformative for it should support the delivery of social services and social protection that all Filipinos need, the poor in particular, to become active and productive participants in the transformation of the economy towards a balanced, inclusive and sustainable path.
These two projects combined bring the total government investment in projects undertaken by UWA's Centre for Transformative Work Design into workplace-related mental health and wellbeing to almost $1 million.
they argue, transformative use assumes that there is an artist behind
That, the court said, is not enough to be transformative in a legal sense.
Today, transformative learning theory rests on over three decades of development and scholarship in adult education, and stands as a major theory of adult learning with considerable support in the empirical literature (Christie et.
The Annual Transformative Leadership Awards is presented by ALM and InsideCounsel, a news and information service exclusively serving general counsel and other top in-house legal professionals.
Because of her professional background and professionalism, she was chosen by the Institute of Holistic and Transformative Aesthetics to be THE go-to-person for this service in Tampa Bay.
The State Water Resources Control Board of California has conditionally approved United States-based Microvi's transformative nitrate removal technology.
Rather than tapping the transformative capacities of SLCE experiences, are we sheltering our students, our community partners, and ourselves from the "real" dynamics that could help us become more open to critical conversation and more empowered to relate with one another authentically?
Speaking at the real estate conference, Transformative Projects--Transformative Issues held at Club 101, Garodnick siad the government needs to set rules that are clear, understanding and respectful of private needs.
Transformative learning is a critical aspect of the doctoral program and the focus of this study.
Think of transformative as facilitating change," says patent attorney Omid Khalifeh.

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