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The organization chart of a transforming organization would be a circle rather than a pyramid.
Deluxe Playset: Vilgax's Battle Ship, which debuts in the Fall, features a slime pit arena for face-offs between your miniature Transforming Alien Rock figures, as well as a Sumo Slammer battle arena.
The new Triple Transforming Megazord sets and deluxe Megazords feature more morphing options than ever before.
I'm amazed when I see smart, well-intentioned people spending hours massaging, transforming and manipulating data in order to have something usable - especially when good tools already exist to do this work for you.
This expanded lineup for Operation Overdrive features more transforming toys than ever before, and new role-play accessories that truly deliver on the show's themes by allowing kids to play out the treasure hunting adventures in unique ways.
By transforming their IT, we help our clients improve time-to-market, maximize their total operational productivity, and enhance their customers' experience.
GIFTS UNDER $20" - 8" TRANSFORMING FIGURES: These large scale Metamorfigures start off as harmless aliens, but transform into cool mini role-play toys.
Typical expensive home renovation methods were shunned in favor of transforming what is in place in a dated 1940s brick colonial using techniques few even know exist.
The xDoc Converter family lets organizations increase the value of their existing content by transforming and repurposing the most popular document formats into open and accessible XML standards, thereby enabling integration into database systems and leveraging of extremely flexible XML publishing practices.
This enables real-time access to Domino content, automatically transforming unique Domino attributes - Rich Text, embedded images, doc links, attachments, etc.
MDP8 utilizes Datawatch's Monarch "Report Mining" engine, the de facto standard in mining and transforming data buried within existing report output files.
Today, carriers know they must evolve but the task of transforming network operations can be daunting," said Matthew J.

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