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One way this can be done is for the SCLT to provide training and workshops, focused on the target issue of transforming and advocating for school counselors.
The under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness has overall responsibility for transforming DoD training.
As ABC Entertainment president Susan Lyne reported, this wasn't just a show about changing a person's looks, "it was actually about transforming someone's life.
Let us be clear about what we are and what we are not aiming to achieve through transforming our global defense posture:
teacher-scholar has been prepared specifically to master the science and the art of pedagogical content knowledge, seeing the interconnectedness of knowledge and transforming it into new realties of student learning.
com the world," which includes transforming themselves into an e-business.
Rhone-Poulenc Agrochimie (Ongar, United Kingdom) has patented plant cells transformed by: (i) transforming a plant cell whose growth is sensitive to inhibition by a sulfonamide or a salt thereof with a chimaeric gene comprising (a) a plant promoter, (b) a sulfonamide resistance gene having a sequence encoding a transit peptide fused to the 5'-end of the resistance gene and (c) a plant polyadenylation/terminator sequence; (ii) selecting a transformed plant cell whose growth is resistant to inhibition by a sulfonamide or salt thereof; (iii) optionally, regenerating from the transformed plant cell a genetically transformed plant which exhibit the said resistance; (iv) optionally, obtaining seed from the regenerated plant; and (v) optionally, propagating plants from the seed.
Poets or artists are forever transformed or transforming themselves, as when, in their poetry, Dante or Petrarch are turned to stone by their beloved, as if they were petrified by the Ovidian Medusa.
Today, CEOs need to be transformational managers, where their number-one priority is transforming their businesses from one that succeeded in the steady-state environment of the past to one that can succeed in the new realities of doing business in the 21st century.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Galoob introduces Sweet Secrets(R), a line of transforming jewelry, dolls and playsets that combine small-doll play and magical surprises into an adorable transformable world.
With its big vehicles, the monster motif, the transforming robot, and the techno-power fetishism, the truck show struck me as something the Japanese could find a way to do much better than we can.
Behavioral Quality Assurance: A Transforming Experience

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