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New Delhi [India], July 31 ( ANI ): Chinese soldiers transgressed into Uttarakhand's Barahoti on July 25 at about 9 am.
Four gold square coins transgressed into earrings Arabic covering the surface, invocations neither she nor the Frenchman could read.
Unexamined cultural assumptions and dominant ideas are illuminated in this volume by exploring the mechanisms by which limits are set, maintained and transgressed.
When Tory MPs (frequently) transgressed and were caught they resigned never to be seen again in government posts.
While the neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux uses the term "plasticity of the brain" to refer to the capacity of synapses to form or reform a bit of information, Malabou's concept of plasticity refers to a being's strategy and capacity to be transgressed, to be other--a dual, contradictory yet inseparable movement involving the sudden emergence and annihilation of form.
The indigenous Guadalcanal islanders felt that in doing this the Malaitans had transgressed ancient tribal land law rules.
However, once this particular threshold is transgressed, they should be treated as detritus and flushed down the the drain like any other human waste.
The FA's record in pursuing agents they believe have transgressed is absolutely abysmal.
He said, 'In that situation the person has clearly transgressed the rules of the other.
Since the Church neither proscribes nor prescribes pacificism, the CCCB has not transgressed Catholic teaching.
In a special hearing convened at France Galop headquarters in Paris on Wednesday, it was determined that Spencer had transgressed by moving to the left.
He emphasized classical technique--its deportment, strong legs, and graceful arms--but these poses transgressed rapidly to Clark's more avant-garde trademarks, like off-center arms, stuck-out bottoms, and crouching balances.