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This discussion raises the issue of non-Indigenous transgression through the breaching of highly politicised boundaries.
Numerous dates on the start of the Litorina Sea transgression are available only from SW Estonia (Veski et al.
Those readers who are willing to read past some high-brow theory and tolerate some convoluted, quotation-soaked, and occasionally rather inflated language will be rewarded with a thrilling journey into a strange and fascinating area of encounter with extremes and with an enhanced understanding of the attraction inherent in undertaking, reporting, and fictionalizing such transgressions.
The final essay, "The Ludic Perspective: Don Quixote and the Italian Renaissance," underscores the strength of this position, as Mazzotta examines literature's "specific privilege and role in creating reality" (91) and the act of transgression it potentially represents.
Plecki, also took responsibility for the team's transgression and sacrificed his career for the greater success of his students.
Where any form, whether modern or pre-modern -- is not driven to such transgression and excess, it dissolves for some post-moderns into sheer formlessness, into the void.
Within the fair's alternating current of order and transgression," Walden writes, "establishing the meaning of one almost necessarily required the presence of the other.
The son's restoration seems too easy, too painless; in fact, it is almost as if he is rewarded for his transgressions.
On a relevant note, Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian said that the Turkish transgression into Syrian territories is unjustifiable, stressing that military interference by countries neighboring Syria makes the situation more complicated and only serves to destabilize security in the region.
Hypothesis 1: Moral disengagement will positively influence rule transgression in sport.
NYC 1993, the recent exhibition at the New Museum of works from the year of the notoriously "political" Whitney Biennial, raises a question that has long preoccupied me: Is it possible to stage acts of genuine transgression from within the museum or is transgression inevitably swallowed up by the institution?
Participants were also asked to what extent each transgression deserved punishment.