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To put such a burden upon an alleged transgressor seems unfair, causes clear legal uncertainty, in addition to being entirely disproportionate and draconian.
As one dwells on his or her transgression, this may increase feelings of guilt, which then may increase the likelihood that the transgressor will seek forgiveness.
To be named as one of the transgressors of truth, along with Justice Goldstone, on a "Campus Watch" hit list is a great honor.
The male transgressor was attributed significantly lower social status compared to the female transgressor (5.
The transgressor cannot be forgiven unless he acknowledges the evil of what he had done.
But virulently non-union Wal-Mart--which does not make your list--is by far the greater transgressor, with a pending "Supercenter" concept that will simply squash Safeway and any other comers, not just in Southern California but everywhere else they're not turned away by law.
provided almost epiphanic insights into this itinerant artist, revealing that El Greco was a determined transgressor of the social, cultural, and artistic norms of his time and place.
Secondhand forgiveness, while perhaps bringing some degree of peace to the transgressor, demeans the actual victims.
To wit: someone who admits to theft or dishonesty, or has contemplated theft or dishonesty, or has knowledge of same without disclosing the transgressor, or has a lenient attitude toward scofflaws is dishonest and irresponsible.
Lord Leveson may care to note that an officially regulated French Press is the transgressor, while the self-regulating British papers are respecting the Duchess's privacy.
Let the insurance companies argue the toss as to who is right and who is the transgressor.
Head of the Foundation for Safeguarding Values of the Sacred Defense General Mohammad Baqerzadeh reminded Iran's penal laws on the purposeful cutting of trees, and said, "Given the fact that the British (embassy) has cut 340 trees (in the Garden), the transgressor should be given a 6 months to 3 years sentence as well as expropriation,".