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Yet if memory has a life-giving capacity for "rituals of the ordinary" (16), it functions best (as Ruth learns from Sylvie) in a state of transiency, of peripatetic expectancy shorn of habit and certitude.
Phone surveys may yield poor results due to cost, population transiency, working schedule, time investment, and caller anonymity.
The CPR and CNR were, as Morrison demonstrates, highly skilled in breaking strikes, reneging on agreements, and blocking attempts at unionization, keeping wages low and leading to workers' transiency and frustration.
But it was always a hard matter for those of us born with a sense of the transiency of these borrowed atoms that make up our corporeal being.
These activities again indicated the growth of more permanent attachment to the Hawaiian milieu and a weakening of the feelings of transiency associated with sojourner attitudes.
That transiency may explain why they understand that a house, of even a shack, does not need fancy things to make it a home.
Even if all grade levels were tested, how do we factor student transiency into the baseline pay?
Conversely, college towns typically have more people renting and living in group housing with living habits that can cause entire areas around the college to be eschewed by the community (often called "student slums") and higher transiency rates that lead to a disconnect between students and townspeople.
For example, studies that have linked non-attendance to poor outcomes for Aboriginal students often list family mobility and transiency as one of the factors contributing to Aboriginal absenteeism (Beresford, 2001; de Plevitz, 2007; Gray & Beresford, 2001; Gray & Partington, 2003).
Transpersonal psychology does not stop here but extends object relations theory by pointing to the next stages of human development, where there is misidentification from one's personal identity and the recognition of object impermanence or transiency.
Tavard, Transiency and Permanence: The Nature of Theology according to St.
They all in some measure expressed Lazarus's favorite themes of the transiency of Time and the coming of Death.