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A second possible explanation is that the transiency of animation caused interference (e.
Sylvie's eager habits of vagrancy, traveling light--refusing to settle into predictable patterns, other than transiency itself--offers Ruth once more a figurative model, though now for ways to be not in space but in time.
Firstly, researchers should investigate the relationship between UVI and changes in melanoma incidence rates while simultaneously accounting for population transiency.
Intuitive-mind is the wise jester who travels with the magician and reflects upon his emptiness and transiency.
The transiency of earlier generations of homeless persons had given way to a rootedness in skid row (Bahr 1973; Kusmer 2002).
librarian transiency was key to understanding teacher attitudes about the library media center and would greatly affect how I approached them.
Modern society makes us establish a great number of relationships in any everyday situation, but these relationships have a high degree of transiency.
The challenges of student transiency for rural schools and communities in the era of No Child Left Behind.
They found that it was difficult to find consistent census data on the number of refugees living in Ontario because of the high transiency rate.
Suffering of any kind is subversive to the house of ego, calling into question the mental or physical basis of the conception of self, highlighting its transiency and mutability.
The prevalence of migration and the transiency of the population in this period make it difficult to determine how many Catholics actually resided in either place in 1829.
Coyote 490M had greater daily movements as a transient than as a resident, whereas 585M had increased daily movements during periods of transiency than when he resided in a biding area (Table 1).