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Unlike conventional electronics that are designed to last for extensive periods of time, a key and unique attribute of transient electronics is to operate over a typically short and well-defined period, and undergo fast and, ideally, complete self-deconstruction and vanish when transiency is triggered," the scientists wrote in their paper.
In order to compare the calculated fuel efficiency with the fuel efficiency measured under various transient conditions (differences in the engine speed change and torque change) of the engine, fuel efficiency was calculated and measured using data of several virtual vehicles differing in dimensions, weight, transmission gear ratio, tire size, etc.
The equation for an approximate evaluation of the difference between the cycle fuel supply in the transient and steady operation mode of diesel-generator set is provided in [5]:
In all, 32% of patients had transient risk factors, 41% had unprovoked VTE, and 27% had cancer (Thrombosis Res.
In many previous researches, the detection of transient and extraction of fingerprint need to calculate different variables, which is not conducive to the practical application.
Transient simulations of centrifugal compressors are very helpful for validating or designing existing or new anti-surge systems.
A diagnosis of transient cortical blindness was made.
The unique status of transient hotels has the potential for abuse:
The figure 1 and 2 shows the simulated voltage waveforms for a single phase-to-ground fault with single pole tripping for a transient fault involving secondary arcing and a permanent fault (with high impedance)respectively.
To allow a comparison between steady-state and transient design the following approach was adopted:
Authorities said they'd previously issued warnings to the 30 or so transients living in the arroyo, which is subject to flash floods during rainstorms.
Designed to reduce capital and operating costs, the BG-3 is designed for transient test cycles of diesel, gasoline or natural gas engines of any size to be used in both engine and chassis test cells.