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difficile "frequently is transmitted between patients via hands of health care personnel transiently contaminated after contact with symptomatic patients or their surrounding environment.
We estimated that higher ambient levels of the traffic-associated pollutants, PM10 and NO2, were followed by a transiently increased risk of myocardial infarction up to six hours later," the authors write.
His heart rate fell transiently to 43 /minute and his systolic blood pressure to 80 mmHg.
74 times more likely to have subtrochanteric or femoral shaft fractures after minimal trauma, compared with women who took the medications transiently (JAMA 2011;305:783-9).
They transiently come into a job, spend eight months getting good at it and then they are gone.
IT MAY be wishful to think about a seamless India and Pakistan forging ahead with a sense of shared destiny, but the tantalising prospect came alive, albeit transiently, for the audience of Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammed at Dilli Haat, Pitampura on Wednesday night.
Plasma estradiol and dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate concentrations changed only transiently or not at all.
Summary: These are dramatic days in the Arab-Israeli war-and-peace department, but will they prove to be truly historic, or only transiently tumultuous?
TDE with concentrations higher than 10 [micro]g/ml transiently reduced synaptic responses.
The human SERT N101A and N101C mutants were transiently expressed in HEK-293 MSR cells and assayed for [3H]5-HT transport under Na-free and Na-reduced conditions (replaced with N-Methyl-D-Glucamine (NMDG)).
Mr Lewis added: "It is recognised that some traders operate transiently in order to avoid detection and prosecution.
Currently marketed drugs transiently affect some of the symptoms of the disease, but there are no drugs on the market today that slow or arrest the progression of the disease.