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By way of example, a medium-sized transit village would add $5.
And last week, planners began asking banks to underwrite an extensive study of all publicly owned properties along transit lines that could be available for development.
But according to the National Business Coalition for Rapid Transit (NBCRT), every $1 billion invested in public transit projects generates 30,000 jobs, and the same amount invested in transit operations generates twice that.
But the transit loomed bright enough for Hoffleit to enjoy.
In "Great Rail Disasters," economist Randal O'Toole (an adjunct scholar with the Reason Public Policy Institute, which co-published the study) meticulously lays out these facts, assessing the track record of rail transit in 23 urban areas based on 13 criteria, including ridership cost, congestion, energy, use, and safety.
a Philadelphia-based minority- and veteran-owned consulting and CPA firm, is one company that was recently awarded a $700,000 contract by the Federal Transit Administration to provide financial management oversight of transit rebuilding contractors for the Lower Manhattan Transit Recovery Project.
In Policing Mass Transit, the author addresses strategic transit concepts, goals, and objectives inherent in policing transit modes and examines the tactical considerations and approaches.
This option was not available for transit passes and vanpool benefits under the TKA '97; these benefits continued to be exdudible only if provided in addition to (and not in lieu of) any compensation otherwise payable to an employee.
Ongoing implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has raised issues related to verbal and written communication--Braille and raised print or audio/video signs and publications in "alternative formats"--with blind transit riders.
The selection of LCOR signals NJ Transit's intention to create a facility that can both serve as an integrated multimodal transit center and a gateway to the Hudson waterfront for more than 50,000 commuters and residents who use the complex daily.
What has to happen is, we have to have those centers reinvigorated, by connection to mass transit, and the community has to (provide input on) the mix of tenants.