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One, in the Arts & Crafts Collection, has a simulated quarter-sawn oak finish and Mission style hardware; another with black grain finish is in the contemporary Black Hills Collection, and another is in the transitionally styled Concept AZ Collection.
63) Once an appropriate and sufficiently rich context of interpretation has been evoked, the further development of Lonergan's thought becomes, at least transitionally, a systematic exercise.
Such students believe their writing is "creative" and that the kind of writing I want them to do -- which is to say writing in full and coherent sentences that can be put together with other coherent sentences to form solid paragraphs that can then be transitionally linked to form essays -- is inexcusably boring and oppressive.
Aged--Under Medicare, persons age 65 or over are included in this category if they are: entitled to monthly SSA benefits or payments from the Railroad Board (RRB), uninsured for SSA or RRB benefits but transitionally insured for Medicare, or not included in the previously mentioned groups but purchase hospital insurance coverage.
The North Down MP claimed the system of devolution in Northern Ireland was designed to "neutralise the power of a democratic majority" and create transitionally political institutions which would move Northern Ireland out of the UK and into the Republic.
The unit transitionally reactivated 28 July 2000 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, as the 112th MI Brigade (Prov).
However, the demand to create a protectorate or transitionally autonomous zone for ethnic Albanians in Kosovo implies setting up an incipient (and from the Serb standpoint, rival) state structure safeguarded by NATO in combination with the Russians or perhaps by a nonaligned contingent.
National organization working to build or renovate shelters for transitionally homeless men, women, and children.
Do subjects who obtained d[prime] = 1 scores in their detection of the metasystematic equivalence class use more of the information in the vignettes than subjects who perform transitionally, subjects who perform systematically, and so forth?
But one of the most important pieces, transitionally, is one of the easiest to miss: a small seventeenth century Mexican framed work of St.
The Department of Public Welfare was authorized to establish a program of grants to various organizations for the implementation of projects to provide employment opportunities for transitionally needy welfare recipients and chronically needy recipients who are participating in drug or alcohol treatment programs and who have barriers to employment or special needs.