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Ar/Ar ages from transitionally magnetized lavas on La Palma, Canary Islands, and the geomagnetic instability timescale.
Tai chi and perceived health status in older adults who are transitionally frail: A randomized controlled trial.
By replacing Mississippi with Texas and "the world" with "an older, vanished America," doubtful provenance of the alleged Faulkner line aside, Morris emphasizes that intimate knowledge of one place, whether definitively Southern or transitionally semi-Southern--even including some places that can get easily dismissed as irrelevant to the national mainstream--is in itself a valuable contribution to national knowledge.
The graduate students participated in experiential learning which Wright (2000) contends benefit college students in four different ways: substantively, methodologically, pedagogically, and transitionally if undergraduate students.
Idiosyncratic in rendering, A Question of Balance transitionally unfolds.
Winnicott began making the psycho transitionally legible in case studies with children he nipped as budding psychopaths at the onset of their "antisocial tendencies.
Through conversation with another, the writer complements the written with the spoken, pushing against the modern practice of silent literacy and returning to a transitionally literate balance of spoken and written communication.
We successfully talked Peter out of leaving about 18 months ago as I really needed him to help us during the important and transitionally period after the takeover of the club by Drumaville," he said.
On the surface, and at least transitionally, massive war was replaced with massive coercion.
Thus, a higher investment rate in poorer regions may increase the convergence speed to rich regions, but only transitionally since it does not raise the growth rate in the long run.
But minutes of a meeting of the council's corporate services committee said: "Ann Reader has been appointed as a consultant to the Labour Group to support its leadership through their transitionally process.
The first dispensation had been granted transitionally, the second scheme had been made final.