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The impact of imprisonment upon families varies considerably, and depends upon family structure and functioning prior to sentencing and how the family responds to the challenges presented during this transitionary period.
Mr Dunn's family farm is now working to a transitionary ex-DFB contract but he believes the industry's long-term future is bright.
Based on this understanding of history, it is possible to start drawing out the broad policy implications which are required at this particularly important transitionary phase.
Few definitive answers exist in today's transitionary environment, but there are certainly plenty of general common-sense guidelines that can minimize a firm's risk of litigation.
Readers should note that the balance of this study omits analysis of those who are 16 to 25 years of age since this is considered a transitionary period in terms of educational attainment.
For the employees in question, we need to ask: how many of their skills are directly transferable to the civilian community and are the transitionary support mechanisms adequate?
Scenario III: various improved forms of provision that reduce risk of exposure compared with scenario IV; a transitionary scenario between high (scenario IV) and low (scenario II) environmental pathogen loads (2) (Table II).
75) Sallis points out that Glaucon represents a transitionary mode of understanding, between opinion and knowledge; Sallis, BL, 389.
There is no credible 'peace process,'" Abunimah correctly concludes, "to provide hope that the misery on the ground is merely a transitionary phase on the way to deliverance, and the one big idea that is supposed to save us--the Palestinian state--lies in tatters.
Since then, however, success has evaded the Laund Hill side, who seem to have been going through transitionary periods for some time with coaches (and players) coming and going.
The first president, Habib Bourguiba took the country through an important transitionary period, establishing the vital foundations for development.
Once you put the staff together, you can bridge the transitionary period quickly arrange your short- and long-term goals.