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Due to the difficulties of analyzing oblique case dependents, and since nearly all alleged "transitive nominals" in Old Avestan take the accusative case, I will not consider the possibility of transitive nominals governing non-accusative case "objects" further in this paper.
Nonetheless, if this were the case, we would expect no difference in matching accuracies between transitive and novel relations in Experiment 2 because the stimuli component of both these sets of relations were never presented in close temporal proximity or within the same trial in baseline training.
5, for G a comparability graph, the value of incom (*) - com (*) will be maximized precisely on the transitive orientations of G, so by Lemma 6.
learning, virtues) and transitive motivation (service, cooperation, support, and the like), then the employee creates a richer environment that overcomes the last characteristic of the production we have pointed out: the independent external end-point.
Nemz is a unique instance of the investigated verb group in that it is transitive without having a medial not an -ik form counterpart.
In the next set of examples, (15) is derived from transitive verb like in (9); (16) from a verb with an AGENT like subject like in (10); and (17) from a verb with a THEME like subject like in (11).
2 If a fuzzy choice function C is G-rational with transitive rationalization then C satisfies WFCA.
The 6 transitive predicates include respecter 'respect', admettre 'admit', comprendre 'understand' passer 'pass', adopter 'adopt', appliquer 'apply'.
On the basis of these data, we can now claim that samples showing the transitive realization like (14a) and (15a) below in which the implement/instrument is not syntactically realized, are nevertheless interpreted as denoting an activity in which an effector (Balaam, ge) uses an object (y)--syntactically unspecified here--which causes this object (y) to move towards an object (z) (the ass, the door) that receives the contact/impact (i.
Instead, WC Bajau patterns as a symmetrical voice language with two transitive voices, as well as a "true passive" voice.
However, she prefers "let's put that date in our diaries" to the much simpler and more succinct transitive verb "diarise".