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Some verbs may not be covered by the system, for example, zersplittern 'shatter', 'split into pieces', which is somewhat odd though not completely out when used transitively.
bringing about the change is not a change in itself, but a power that is exercised transitively in the recipient).
n] acts simply transitively on T([lambda]) via [sigma](T) := [sigma] [omicron] T.
Hilbert argue in a coauthored essay that psychophysical models of the color spaces of color blind observers can be reliably parsed as truncations of the color spaces of 'normal' observers, an outcome that suggests, transitively, that such color spaces represent something real and durable about colors in the world.
Seen amid a tight selection of works in Hoey's recent miniretrospective at Albany's University Art Museum last fall, this and other photographs traded in an emotional multiplicity and oscillation, typically packed with a set of intricately related affective responses for the viewer to parse and sometimes transitively feel.
One of the primary questions which has occupied students of the Great Famine since the event itself is whether the verb 'starve' should be used transitively or intransitively.
He answers, "Homilists, taking va-yinaffash transitively, as the causative form seems to invite, find a hint of God's breathing life and spirit into Adam's form" (p.
The firewall for a class C is computed as the set of classes that are directly or transitively dependent on C (by virtue of relations such as inheritance, aggregation or association) as described in an ORD.
For older Jews and those with mostly Jewish friends, it means "chat" or "shoot the breeze," whereas for many Americans, it means "network," or "talk with the goal of working one's way up the social or corporate ladder," and is even used transitively.
This empowers users to Share, Respond and Interact with the advertisement, and transitively with the Brand.
The group Aut([pi]) acts simply transitively on C via [sigma] * (u, v,z) = ([sigma](u), [sigma](v), [sigma](z)), i.
Moreover, peifu is sometimes used with considerable irony, transitively or intransitively, just as when we say in English, "I'm impressed,'" even though we may be no such thing.