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And doing that has a significant advantage--we would preserve transitivity.
Transitivity is necessary in order that the choice space be partially ordered; hence, no theory of rational choice is possible without the transitivity assumption.
By defining the subjectification mechanism as we have, we also see why a further extension of transitivity types is possible and intransitive and compound-transitive verbs can be used in English middles, as established in Section 1.
This is not surprising: transitivity analysis is usually meaningful only in "indirect presentation" marked by the choice of various types of processes (see also Halliday; Ji and Shen), whereas the mode of "direct definition" usually involves only the single choice of the relational process (e.
Yes, crossed indifference curves and transitivity cannot both be true, they do indeed contradict one another, but why does it follow that we accept the latter and not the former?
Thereafter, the emergence of equivalence classes was assessed by the presentation of the two test blocks MTS-1a and MTS-1b, each of which contained baseline relations and symmetry, transitivity, and equivalence probes.
28] In addition, cadavers are especially honored by those who had personal relationships with the persons while alive, and others are bound by the transitivity principle to respect both the cadaver and those who hold it in special regard.
In order to maintain the principles of transitivity and inheritance, all entities in a hierarchy must be at the same conceptual level of granularity.
Note that transitivity follows pseudotransitivity as a special subcase.
Most notable of these features is the principle of transitivity which Beatty argues is based upon an historical tracing of alliance relations.
Psychological models attempt to accommodate the numerous violations of rationality axioms, including independence and transitivity.
Preference reversals undermine one of the basic axioms of consumer theory, transitivity.