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This with the aim of identifying those phenomena which affect inflation transitorily as well as the medium term trend of price increases.
9) The output gap reacts transitorily positively to shocks in both interest rates.
That is, the test scores of students might have increased in many of the F-graded schools even in the absence of Florida's education plan simply because they were transitorily low in the prior year.
This paper is likely to contribute to this understanding; particularly what it means to be chronically or transitorily poor, what are the underlying social processes that result in poverty, and what is required to deal with these poverty groups?
As previously discussed, in informational theories of bank runs, some depositors get early access to information about bank solvency, while others must infer from observed withdrawals whether liquidity needs happen to be transitorily high, or whether there is something fundamentally wrong with the bank.
Some families with low measured income in a given year are experiencing temporarily low incomes, so they maintain their consumption at a relatively high level and conversely with families with transitorily high measured income.
These new members were given high monthly salaries and the chance to transitorily sit in government positions.
More importantly, by 1997 the transitorily low increase in volume was feeding into and lowering the 5-year moving average of volume increase.
For example, the United States allows for general jurisdiction over persons transitorily present in the jurisdiction at the time of service and over corporations that have minimum contacts with the jurisdiction.
The guru shook his head sadly and observed that he didn't know why people didn't understand that unless you employed a full-time squeegee man, you'd just have to live with the spots until you called him in to machine grind and hand-polish a brand new and only transitorily spotless surface.
However, strategist that he was, he chose to try to build for the future rather than satisfy the urge to tear at the transitorily entrenched.
49, which indicates that the recession time detected in the region of Ontario or at the aggregate level appear also in Quebec but very transitorily.