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This with the aim of identifying those phenomena which affect inflation transitorily as well as the medium term trend of price increases.
For example, the already mentioned Andy Goldsworthy's art project Refuges D'Art in France provides both individual refuges for meditation and contemplation and planned transitorily paths among the art shelters.
Transitorily some intensive courses of the central matters of the Master are dictaded with which they are articulate the Specialization.
It is widely known that monetary policy affects the general level of prices, at least in the long run, and that it may influence output only transitorily.
The closest Brown comes to this is when he speaks tentatively and only transitorily of "perhaps a transaction levy.
Sewage sludge samples collected later were tested for mimivirus by using PCR (4); however, no amplification was observed, indicating either that mimivirus was present only transitorily, that mimivirus was below detection limits, or that the target primer sites were not conserved.
On the other hand, Ada's obsession with Oliverio, whom she constructs as her "manzana prohibida" in a neurotic fantasy of incest, causes her to view herself, at least transitorily, as a Veronica de las Mercedes figure in relation to Lola, the sor Maria Trinidad who has finally succeeded in getting Oliverio to marry her (80).
Further, the flowery fireworks only bloom transitorily compared with its undistinguished and obscure processes of ascending movements.
In comparison to centralized approaches, the PIM model ameliorates the robustness problem because the coordinating process is not resident (except transitorily, with backups at all other nodes) at any one location.
Monetarists opposed these ideas on the ground that investment and savings depend on the real interest rates, which cannot be affected by the banking system, except transitorily.
That is to return to a largely unrestricted right of dismissal in exchange for a generous state unemployment benefit and a program of recurrent education for all workers to enable them to offer a greater range of needed skills in the general employment market thereby as a generality being only transitorily out of work.