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In chapter sixteen, Assmann explains the hopes for freedom from the yoke of transitoriness in death, distinguishing the "continuative" prospect for the afterlife from "immortality.
The embarrassment is evident in some literary critics' endeavor to upgrade the urn, notably into a funeral urn, a move which finds no support in the poem, (5) but provides the opportunity for the critic to enrich the poem with ponderous thoughts on death and transitoriness, or with a plethora of symbolic lore.
Not withstanding his gloomy reflections on transitoriness and mortality, he insists in seeing only the best in others.
Anxiety as a component of poverty compels a congregation that loves its neighbours to understand its own transitoriness better and to remain humble before God.
More to the fore, however, are the songs and recitations that have never been involved in the hit parade's transitoriness.
Just as other hands once carved these signs, Elizabeth's eye mentally registers this image, and as her own hand moves where other hands touched the wood before her, she is confronted both by the transitoriness of existence and by its continuity.
The participants described a heightened and renewed awareness of time and their transitoriness of life.
They were apparently intent on snapping up designer items sold nowhere else and called ''Ephemere de Ginza,'' connoting transitoriness, to commemorate the opening.
Instead we are given musings--brief musings on six unnumbered pages in German and English--about the composer's lifelong interest in "the transitoriness of time" (p.
They share transitoriness, belonging in two or more places; and self-identify much more by their future possibilities than by where they come from--than by their heritages or their pasts.
A sense of the mutability and transitoriness of the world is intensified by the departures, behind the wall, of a sailing ship and a steam-train.
The seeming transitoriness of the effects raises the possibility that the long-term effects of prenatal and juvenile exposure to innate immune system activators on the HPA axis (Reul et al.