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Despite the attractions of this idea (touched on in section 2), there had always been some lingering doubt about the translatability of the word 'time' in this particularly abstract sense.
In other words, they represent a failure to promote First World feminism on a global scale, exposing the lack of translatability of Western feminism.
For example, the claim of the universal translatability of the English word justice is an extraordinarily presumptive one.
RNActive vaccines are comprised of modified and formulated mRNA with three distinct features: The mRNA vaccines are translated into the target antigens, and the formulation and modifications lead to translatability ensuring (1) strong antigen expression, (2) increased stability and (3) enhanced immune-stimulatory activity.
Given its seemingly obvious title, it took me an unconscionably long time to associate Helen Marten's Peanuts, 2012, with Charlie Brown and pals, never mind to hit online on Linus's disquisition regarding the uniformly compelling nature of all things and the translatability of overrefined carbs into vim and vigor.
Most of the poems are informed by frequent allusions to Hungarian literary tradition, which reduces their translatability but makes them familiar and easier to connect with the experiences of contemporary native readers.
In addition to language, another issue related to translatability is culture-specific concepts.
Smith's goals in this book are threefold: first, to elaborate upon Jan Assmann's treatment of translatability of divinity in the ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman worlds; second, to challenge and overturn Assmann's idea that the biblical tradition completely lacks any notion of translatability of divinity (Assmann's "Mosiac Distinction")--a lynch pin, according to Smith, in Assmann's theory that Mosaic monotheism, in contrast to polytheism, is inherently intolerant and prone to violence; and third, to enrich our understanding of ancient authors' notions of deity as presented in the Hebrew Bible and other ancient Near Eastern texts.
In-depth textual research would be required to understand the epistemology and history of this term, and to be able to shed more light into the Tibetan notions of "rights" and "human" (7) and its translatability both into the English language and into Western common understandings of human rights.
When asked to comment on the translatability of the study findings to other states, Dr.
Most important, it turns to closer questions about how skill might be made legible in the furnishings market, describing specific aesthetic patterns and theories about the translatability of certain styles" (105).
As he contends throughout the Mediterranean for a nascent but globalizing Judeo-Christianity, he emblematizes the persuasiveness and the eventual triumph, the relentless translatability, of an initially fringe sect.