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he gasped, and made Szedvilas translate question after question.
But it is a grievous thing to me that he should have toiled so hard to translate the Bible, and now the language and the people are gone
She made no secret of her desires, and I was bidden to translate.
SOME White Christians engaged in driving Chinese Heathens out of an American town found a newspaper published in Peking in the Chinese tongue, and compelled one of their victims to translate an editorial.
Xicom is tasked with enabling millions of simultaneous customers to use Translate Your World, the speech translation software that translates speaking voices in real-time into 78 languages.
The striking part about this feature is that Word Lens not only translates printed words from one language to another using any smartphone camera but it also doesn't require any network connection for it to work.
A sensate democracy translates as an incarnational pluralism of interdependent becoming, or into the basileia that Cobb translates, against the American Empire, as the commonwealth of God.
It translates text on the fly into eight different languages: French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese.
If it's a brush-up on the basics and insights into how programmer translates into high-quality real-time gaming which is needed, then Brian Hawkins' Real-time Cinematography For Games is your ticket.
Moshe Shreiber, Chasam Sopher translates to "Seal of the Scribe.
The Orate Fratres (Pray my brothers and sisters, or more literally, my brethren) translates meum ac vestrum sacrificium as "my sacrifice and yours" and not "our sacrifice.
The wonder of love translates Ferdinand and Miranda, and so, finally, does forgiveness translate Prospero back to his kingdom.