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RBR+TVBR OBSERVATION (full text below, for Members Only) : We looked at the signal contour for the fully licensed station that is complaining of interference from an FM translator on the same frequency.
He said 80 percent of Persian translators provide a word-by-word translation of foreign works and added, "Many of these translators are not acquainted with the written and literary language of Persian.
Translation typically follows a 3-step process: the first person translates, the second person edits, and either the translator or a third person does the final proof.
According to the Microsoft Research team, this advanced translator app works quite well in translating conversations real-time.
We were discussing the reasons why it wasn't worth it, financially, for a translator to have an agent--nor for an agent to represent a translator.
In the usually limited space that translators are granted to present their work and discuss its nuances as well as the methods and solutions adopted to solve the various challenges encountered along the way, the translator's preface or note (which at times is tacked on to the introduction or smuggled into the acknowledgments) represents a rare exception.
With Stepes now available on the world's largest mobile software platforms, multilingual individuals can access Stepes' free and intuitive translation software and become a translator all from their smartphone.
Keywords: translator training; web-based resources; translation skills; information sources.
The translator, who has taken an oath to be "committed to objectivity and accuracy", conveys literally what the defendant says.
Dragsted (2006) and Colominas (2008), for instance, focused on segmentation, while Dillon and Fraser (2006) as well as Lagoudaki (2006) centered on the perceptions of the translator based on data gathered through questionnaires.
JEDDAH: Tawafa organizations, responsible for guiding external pilgrims during the Haj rituals, are facing an acute shortage in the number of translators.
Translator licences will be renewed every three years, and translators will be provided a grace period of 90 days to get their licences renewed, failing which the registration of a translator will be cancelled.