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Finally, all translators must use the same software and, to some extent, the same versions.
This effort required the chief translator to read the draft legislation while the Law Clerk followed in the original text.
Since most magazines, presumably for marketing reasons, don't print articles on international literature, I turn to books of essays by translators.
A free trial version of Site Translator is available on http://www.
Some of these works are fine, but others are not so fine, depending on the skill of the translator.
As the American Translators Association (1993) noted, good translation includes not only language ability but the skill which comes from experience, the ability to ask the right questions so as to clarify the interpretation, and a clear knowledge of one's capabilities and limitations as an interpreter/translator.
SYSTRAN Office Translator is designed for Microsoft Office users to instantly translate text, Web pages, documents and emails directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
net, the application created by Translation Services USA, is an automated system for real time translations via a crowdsourced community of translators.
That "fresh analysis" came from a 20-year-veteran translator from the European Commission in Brussels.
Sussman staffers overheard ANC translators discussing Manoukian at polling places and were later seen at Manoukian's campaign headquarters, said Marc Victoria, a campaign consultant for Sussman.