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Abalone were tagged and translocated into aggregation sites or tagged at control sites and monitored for approximately 1 y.
Currently the world's reefs are at risk from many threats including high salinity, soaring temperatures, bleaching and marine pollution from commercial sea vessels, however, the growth of the translocated corals has been quite significant, making our field efforts to protect and enrich the natural environment a real success.
The goals of this study were to (1) determine whether platform-associated fishes would home back to resident oil platforms after being translocated to a natural reef, and (2) characterize patterns of movement on and between platform and natural reef habitats.
Loss of body mass of translocated ptarmigan was measured by subtracting mass at release from mass at capture.
The translocated population proliferated and is now estimated to be >70 million, of which 3%-30% are possibly infected by M.
The rhino population plummeted from 70 translocated rhinos in 1986 to a mere three rhinos.
Sarigan was the first island chosen to receive translocated birds because its feral animals have been eradicated, its native forests are recovering, and transportation costs and time to Sarigan are less than for the more remote northern islands.
Approximately 85% of patients with follicular lymphoma have a t(14;18) translocation in which the bcl-2 oncogene is translocated from chromosome 18 to the immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus on chromosome 14.
It is hoped that between 25 and 30 chicks from Pensthorpe in Fakenham, Norfolk, will be translocated to the Washes nagture reserve each year.
Thus, for methodologic reasons, the fraction of translocated particles could not be determined adequately and was certainly overestimated by Nemmar et al.
Apply it as a liquid on to the leaves and it will be translocated down to the roots to kill the weeds.
We translocated adult conch from two nearshore sites to two offshore sites.