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If full removal of some offshore platforms using explosives is to remain an option, translocating a proportion of the fish population to natural reefs as a mitigating alternative may be viable assuming a majority do not home back to the platform.
In 2008, at the behest of PM Manmohan Singh the programme for repopulating Sariska was initiated by translocating six tigers from the Ranthambore National Park
The present study was initiated to determine the potential of translocating non-spawning nearshore conch to offshore sites in order to augment the spawning stock.
the process of translocating eggs had no discernible effect on hatchling phenotypes or the probability of successful hatching.
SPICE: Simulated Pore Interactive Computing Experiment -- the project aims to understand the vital process of translocation of biomolecules across protein pores by computing the free energy profile of the translocating biomolecule along the vertical axis of the pore.
They are preparing for the winter by translocating sugars and carbohydrates from their leaves down into their roots for storage.
Translocating the animals is a delicate and challenging operation that involves setting up, checking and clearing traps overnight before releasing the animals before dawn, Mr Jacob said.
compensation cost, comparing the expenses incurred for translocating a given carnivore to the economic cost of replacing livestock lost to predators.