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Regarding hydrogel lenses, this practise is reasonably valid, as with lower Dk/t materials, oxygen transmissibility is highly correlated to the water content of a lens, and has a strong inverse relationship with corneal hypoxia.
In the current study, using virus histochemical analysis, the investigators looked at the pattern of attachment of two genetically engineered emerging H7 viruses (containing the hemagglutinin (HA) of either influenza virus A/Shanghai/1/13 or A/Anhui/1/13) to fixed human respiratory tract tissues and compared the findings to attachment patterns seen with human influenza viruses with high transmissibility but low virulence (seasonal H3N2 and pandemic H1N1) and highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) viruses with low transmissibility and high virulence (H5N1 and H7N7).
Methods for characterizing seat cushion transmissibility with a seated human subject have been defined in the literature [8,21].
Antiretroviral treatment potentially decreases HIV infectiousness, but sexually transmitted infections (STIs) significantly impact the health of people living with HIV/AIDS, increasing infectiousness and therefore transmissibility.
Transmissibility within households is lower than in past pandemics, conclude the authors, and most transmissions occur soon before or after onset of symptoms in a case patient--it may be unnecessary for patients to stay at home for longer than four days after they start to have symptoms.
Especially here we are interested in the transmissibility evolution (the ratio between the [A.
A sampling of topics: the geometric analysis and synthesis of parallel manipulator mechanisms with lower mobility with screw theory, type synthesis of 2R2T 4-DOF parallel mechanisms using constraint synthesis method, and analysis and kinematic optimization of planar 2-DOF 5R parallel mechanisms considering the force transmissibility.
This at least raises questions about the causes and transmissibility of the disease, but despite efforts, notably in Wales, to introduce some realism the policy juggernaut rolls on.
Quantitative biochemical rationale for differences in transmissibility of l 918 pandemic influenza A viruses, "National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
In 1925, children without varicella history developed varicella after being inoculated with fluid recovered from the herpes zoster lesions (infectious virus), which demonstrated the transmissibility of the agent (Arvin 1996; Kundratitz 1925).
Bill Frist's ignorance regarding AIDS transmissibility, or this attempt to stick our collective heads in the sand about teenage sex, this administration's agenda--largely unchallenged--is causing untold pain, unwanted pregnancies, and unnecessary health care expenditures.