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3 that the average number of nodes that transmit in a slot converges to a constant less than 1 as the number of nodes goes to infinity.
If you think of one-to-many applications using our radio example, then many-to-many applications would be the equivalent of a CB radio, where each end device can receive or transmit information to a channel.
The IRS transmits the state files to the appropriate state service center after Federal acceptance.
Among the 77 patients, 66 did not transmit to others, and 7 transmitted to [less than or equal to] 3 contacts, in contrast, four persons (patients A, D, H, and I) transmitted to [greater than or equal to] 8 others and were designated as associated with superspreading.
RFMD's UMTS transmit system supports all major UMTS frequency bands and is comprised of the RF6280 (announced separately today), RF6281 and RF6285.
Elizabeth's Medical Center in Boston, was prompted to look into the possibility that flies transmit the bacterium.
The products, which are tiered by market segment, include dual-band GSM/GPRS power amplifier modules and transmit modules, quad-band GSM/GPRS power amplifier modules and transmit modules, quad-band EDGE polar modulator power amplifier modules and quad-band linear EDGE transmit modules.
Moreover, European blackbirds, which have been shown to transmit spirochetes to xenodiagnostic larval ticks (7), are dismissed as transmission hosts on the basis of earlier negative transmission results from Matuschka (8), which came from two birds and pre-dated knowledge of the genetic diversity and apparent host specificity of B.
Mosquitoes treated in this way cannot then transmit the virus.
Thus, NLO materials transmit a maximum amount, rather than simply a percentage, of incoming light.
Any genital contact, even without intercourse can transmit the virus.
The merged bit stream is reflected back to all CAN controllers allowing each to win or lose arbitration, transmit and receive data, provide a signal acknowledgement or error status etc.