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t] be the probability that a given node will transmit in an arbitrary time slot.
If you think of one-to-many applications using our radio example, then many-to-many applications would be the equivalent of a CB radio, where each end device can receive or transmit information to a channel.
The IRS transmits the state files to the appropriate state service center after Federal acceptance.
Preparers who use Directronic Entry, however, must also use Directronic Filing to transmit the files to Nelco.
Among the 77 patients, 66 did not transmit to others, and 7 transmitted to [less than or equal to] 3 contacts, in contrast, four persons (patients A, D, H, and I) transmitted to [greater than or equal to] 8 others and were designated as associated with superspreading.
On the contrary, the only convincing study design would be to show that donors at risk who have a negative PCR result also do not harbor parasites and cannot transmit the disease.
Although the flies did not acquire the microbe in a natural setting, the researchers say that the finding, reported in the June Journal of Clinical Microbiology, raises the possibility that the insects can sometimes transmit the organism.