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The initial transmittable torque was considered to be known.
Because humans are not immune to avian influenza, it is feared that an influenza pandemic could be triggered should avian influenza mutate into a form transmittable to humans, making it necessary to take greater precautions in the interest of public health as well.
One of the men who raped the 15-year-old was HIV-positive, although the victim has since been tested and found not to be infected with the sexually transmittable disease.
Oral disease is transmittable, "just like the flu," said doctor said.
Currently electrical components in wind turbines require multiple switches to convert the wind energy to transmittable power.
Neither people in Taiwan nor the world can afford allowing a replay of this disaster, whether it involves a mutant H5N1 virus that is easily transmittable between humans or some other newly emergent pathogen.
China also will focus on controlling and managing transmittable diseases such as hepatitis A and encephalitis by including vaccines for 15 common transmittable diseases in the free immunization program.
ca/medeffect) has been updated to accept online transmittable reports of suspected adverse reactions (ARs) to health products marketed in Canada.
There are fears that workers could act as a "mixing vessel" for human and animal flu viruses, which could give rise to a virus that is easily transmittable.
Indeed, a primary-school textbook describes HIV only as being transmittable ''through blood and other means.
But the Government is drawing up urgent plans amid growing fears that the virus will mutate and be transmittable between humans.