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Questionnaires completed by patients aged 12-20 years at an outpatient clinic showed that most of them did not recognize hepatitis B or C as sexually transmitted infections (see bar chart), and 46% did not know that symptoms of sexually transmitted infections are less likely to appear in males than in females.
Although saliva, blood, and brain tissue transmitted the disease, three oral doses of mixed urine and feces didn't have an effect.
The more data is created, replicated, and transmitted, the more likely it is to be exposed due to employee negligence or hackers aided by inadequate safeguards.
Virus assays on mosquito saliva can be used to estimate the amount transmitted to vertebrates during blood feeding.
However, only 67% knew that a person can still transmit the virus after a sore has completely healed, and only 53% were aware that the virus can be transmitted between outbreaks.
The Silver Ring Thing website lists the names of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy rates for girls eight times on their statistics page; they mention boys once.
c], with the property that the number of packets successfully transmitted is finite with probability 0 or 1 according as v < [v.
Control information is transmitted either as short predefined bit sequences that are distinguishable from data, in packet format, or using out-of-band signaling (control signals sent using on/off signal pulses, similar to Morse code), and thus does not require separate transmission lines.
Before a return can be transmitted electronically, a signature from the taxpayer must be obtained.
The big question we are looking at with coyotes is if the infection is transmitted by fleas or ticks,'' he said.
Encode (v) To scramble or protect a transmitted signal.
In addition, auditors rely heavily on transmitted data and government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission receive financial data directly from public companies.