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Given a list of nine common sexually transmitted infections, only 19% of participants correctly identified them all as sexually transmitted.
However, no significant difference was seen in the amount transmitted by mosquitoes allowed to completely engorge compared with mosquitoes allowed to probe only, without engorgement (p>0.
Despite the fact that adolescents experience nearly 4 million cases of sexually transmitted infections annually in the United States--nearly two-thirds of all cases--the Bush administration continues to promote and exclusively fund dangerous virginity-based models.
MacPhee, The number of packets transmitted by collision detect random access schemes, Ann.
pattern is transmitted so that both devices may synchronize their internal receivers with the incoming bit transition timing.
ACCOUNTANTS AND INTERNAL auditors should play a major role in safeguarding the accuracy of transmitted computer data.
HHV8 infection was significantly more common in blood samples from people with sexually transmitted diseases, a clear indicator of sexual activity, the researchers found.
In a typical EFS procedure, after a return is transmitted, the IRS confirms its receipt electronically.
Because this article discusses a subset of women defined by their practice of sex with other women, it will focus primarily on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and their consequences.
We contend, however, that the diaphragm has much to offer women, and that it could play an important role in the prevention of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV.
People with sexually transmitted diseases face a greater threat of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, says Edward W.
Nine (27%) of the 33 second-generation patients transmitted SARS to one or more contact.