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Sensors include melt-pressure transducers, transmitters and linear position sensors.
Nonetheless, faint radio whispers were still detectable by sensitive receivers, even though the transmitters "were covered by tons and tons of debris," Koepke says.
It is possible for transmitter electronics to sample at a rate much greater than the capsule response time leading to over sampling.
The transmitters will let biologists track the Littlerock Creek Canyon toad population and gather data about the toads' habits, including how far they roam from streams, which are breeding grounds in spring and summer, and what time of the year they move into the adjoining mountain terraces.
Harris Corporation Unveils Maxiva UHF Transmitter Range II-51
While biologists can glue transmitters to the bony shells of other turtles, the oily, flexible skin that covers the thin, loosely fused, bony plates in a leatherback's carapace resists adhesives.
The transmitters, attached by toggles inserted into J.
If Morreale's transmitters on the Pacific turtles had continued working for more than 3 months, they probably would have shown a similar pattern, says Eckert.
Inside the city, the company conceals its transmitters on billboards and in parking garages and church steeples.
Remtron Introduces Transmitters for Rugged Environments 122
Line of pressure transmitter includes rugged, low-cost sensors for injection molding ram-pressure control (models 340, 347); fast-response differerntial pressure sensors for container leak testing (models 374, 376); and pressure isolators to allow remote pressure sensing of processes sensitive to cross-contamination, particle accumulation, and viscous fluid problems (Series 23).

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