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The system can compress a video image to the MPEG-4, with a maximum bandwidth of 1Mbps, transmitting real-time high definition video via various networks including fixed LAN, wireless LAN, FOMA, and PHS.
A quantum encryption system offers a completely different approach that relies on quantum physics, making it virtually hacker-proof and considered to be the most secure method of transmitting information.
Automatically transmitting high-dollar items to the Federal Reserve on a daily basis eliminates the chance of human error, improves efficiency and positions Frost to confidently escalate its check image exchange volume.
A new technical achievement promises to reduce the costs and widen the availability of "quantum cryptography"--a new form of encryption which is far more secure than any other method for transmitting sensitive information such as bank passwords or classified information.
Asia Netcom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Netcom (NYSE:CN)(SEHK:0906), today announced that its Japan operation, Asia Netcom Japan, together with partners, Miyagi Networks and Frontiers, have successfully completed one of the world's first large scale trials of transmitting high-definition television (HDTV) over a shared Internet backbone.