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Among their topics are memory and identity in Elleke Boehmer's Bloodlines and Zoe Wicomb's David's Story and Playing in the Light, reconstruction and resistance in the poetry of Gcina Mhlophe, settler myth in Andre Brink's Devil's Valley, and transmogrifying the traumatic into the democratic ideal in Nelson Mandela's autobiographical The Long Walk to Freedom.
But in some ways it also seemed like the same old leviathan, changing course slightly, but still gobbling up and transmogrifying everything in its path as it churned out more processed foods.
Firstly, he looked as he always had, but was slowly transmogrifying to my style.
which is now owned by Seed America, may be ambiguously transmogrifying into the retail sector, much to the dismay of the Master Plan Committee.
History is filled with examples of this bitter lesson, from the Roman Republic's prototype democracy imploding into Caesar's dictatorship, to Germany's Weimar Republic transmogrifying into the brutality of Hitler's Third Reich.