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Transmutation may provide an antidote to the value erosion of conventionalization, though it too has costs.
Energy development from elemental transmutations in biological systems.
Moreover, an AABB-rhymed quatrain of this kind can be converted into an ABAB-rhymed quatrain (and vice versa) by means of any one of a set of four line-order permutations that I call a transmutation set.
Whatever the reason, the result was that the second act, with rhinos all over the place, was far less rib-tickling than the first, when the transmutations were only just beginning and still unseen.
More specifically, Elam fails to acknowledge Lyotard's proclamation that "history is dead" as a necessary theoretic which helped to establish the critical transmutations of literary and cultural analysis from which Colored Contradictions draws and upon which the anthology builds its central claim: that embarking on a project of editorial text construction results in a public document (the anthology) which, in turn, validates the diversity of contemporary dramatic voices traditionally silenced from discussions of African-American drama.
Although there is use of alchemy--a series of metallic transmutations in the odd texts of Yeats, Merrill, Bloom, Gaddis, and the "surrealist" boxes of Joseph Cornell--no critic has really attempted to see all these works as part of a desperate movement to find a new language.
He describes a South that has disappeared but in various transmutations lives on.
by your shifting transmutations studded by icy war horse mirrors?
The chapters are very informative and provide an excellent summary of events prior to the 1989 transmutations.
It is also important in the behavior and transmutations of subatomic particles.
Accelerating transmutations in the interlocking contours of nation, transnation, and post-nation make contextualization a never-ending project, she says, to say nothing of the changes in the medium of literature and the labor of migration.