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Transmutation of the market, which is accomplished via critical analysis and consumers' active engagement in defining "gluten-free," may provide an antidote to product dilution and may improve product literacy for those who need or desire gluten-free products most.
Kervran's book Biological Transmutations (1966, 1972, 1998) warned against supplementing certain minerals, present in low levels in blood or hair, says Lawrence Wilson in his book Hair Mineral Analysis.
At the same time as the release of The Ten Transmutations Hatsis's new website, http://www.
Shown at left below is Lindon's poem, a dialogue between an irate duel-challenger and a cooler-headed duel-decliner (my quotation marks added); at right is what is probably the most natural-sounding of his verse's four ABAB transmutations, the 1324 variant:
Gallagher has an enormous vocabulary of shapes, and the transmutations of her blobby wigs from frame to frame have a novelistic or, rather, comic book-like flow: We are asked to decipher a narrative, spatial rather than sequential, that charts the stylistic variation exercised by a certain population over a certain period of time.
The index points readers to such topics as the Bible, creationism, DNA, embryology, fossils, genetics, sexual attractiveness, and transmutations.
Gray has gone through more transmutations than the cast of Saturday Night Live.
It was the age of a reevaluation of fundamental principles in quantum physics and basic concepts of a particulate ether by de Broglie and others; and, there was also an unheralded investigation into the arcane graveyard of alchemy by Kervran, who experimentally observed seeming biological transmutations of one element into another.
Author Gerald Horne is to be commended on this in-depth expose of the transmutations of a woman who should be hailed as one of the premier intellectual activists of modern times.
Lindeman's trophic-dynamic conception of the ecosystem that Forel's intuitions about "successive reincarnations, transmutations and metamorphoses of organic matter" were quantitatively measured.
In Terminator 2, the sexiest bit came when the audience wanted to have sex with the morphing man-of-mercury who had just paused long enough in his transmutations to become a woman.
Male and female roles wither into androgynous transmutations.