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Varian and Transpire have enjoyed an OEM relationship since 2008, when we first incorporated the Acuros algorithm into our systems for planning and delivering high-precision radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer," says Kolleen Kennedy, president of Varian's Oncology Systems business.
Mrs Atkins, who opened Transpire in 2009, said: "I have had PIP implants for five years and I've never had any problems.
Everything Transpire offers is there with the aim of increasing passengers.
Each chapter begins with a related scripture that is taken from Ecclesiastes and the basis for what is about to transpire in the novel.
Six large photographs suggested the sorts of actions or narrative developments that might transpire in such a setting, for instance in a movie thriller.
While it's impossible to guess--er, forecast--all that will transpire during the next 12 months, the key issues in 2001 are the following:
In light of these risks and uncertainties, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, there can be no assurance that the forward-looking statements contained in this press release will in fact transpire or prove to be accurate.
uk TRANSPIRE SURGERY Improving confidence and changing people's lives forever are on the menu with the local business woman and entrepreneur Beryl Atkins and her cosmetic A surgery venture Transpire Surgery.
is an optimized, radiotherapy-specific rewrite of the software product Attila(R), and Varian is working exclusively with Transpire to bring the benefits of this fast and precise calculation method to the radiation oncology field.
Hair-raising antics transpire on "Split Ends" when stylists switch roles, to the surprise of their unsuspecting clients and co-workers.
A couple of scenes actually transpire before she marries Wilder, and in the next, she's groaning, ``I'm just so tired for some reason.