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One possibility is transplacement, that is, joint action by members of the ruling elite acting in concert with elements of political civil society in the long term.
transformation, replacement and transplacement see Huntington, 1991, pp.
Job sharing, telecommuting, sabbaticals, reentry into the workplace after the childbearing years, and transplacement programs to help the trailing spouse find a new job are examples of new initiatives offered to accommodate work/ life needs.
Huntington classifies transitions into three main types: transformation, replacement, and transplacement.
South Africa evidently falls into the transplacement category, which results when dominant groups in both government and opposition recognize that they are "incapable of unilaterally determining the nature of the future".
By the end of 1992 the government and the ANC leadership were being attacked from the left and the right in ways that suggested that the alliance necessary for transplacement to occur was close to being cemented, despite the fact--indeed, perhaps partly because of it--that the all-party CODESA constitutional negotiations were officially still on hold.
A Huntingtonian transplacement thus seemed to be well under way by this time, with the government committed to multiracial elections by April 1994 and the possibility of an interim government before then.
If a transplacement was under way by early 1993, its outcome was by no means assured.
These twenty-first century works continue the intercultural and interlingual transplacements that so defined eighteenth-century Russian literature, thereby throwing into relief pertinent historical and literary attitudes.