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Breakthrough research has now resulted in the production of a fully functioning, intact, and transplantable thymus in a mammal model.
This reinterpretation masks undisclosed intent (to recover transplantable organs) and action (to begin surgical procurement before legal death) from the general public.
A value estimate can be arrived at by estimating a cost per unit of trunk area from the largest transplantable tree and applying this cost per unit measurement to the trunk area of the subject tree.
Any time you take a cell off a blastocyst, that cell could be used itself to create a human being, so some groups in our society believe that in making it transplantable you have derailed it into becoming a kidney or some other tissue,'' said Lori Andrews of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, an expert on the laws governing reproductive technology.
In fact, the creators of Dolly and the UH mice are already working together to clone pigs for the animals' transplantable organs.
During the late 1960s, the intensification of transplantation experimentation prompted researchers to seek new ways of increasing the supply of transplantable organs.
The production function for transplant operations is characterized by a fixed-proportions technology in which each operation requires one transplantable organ.
His part of this collaboration has involved the growth and culture of transplantable oligos and transplantation techniques for use in very unusual animal models.
New facility to provide 1200 transplantable eye tissues in 2012
In addition, other transplantable tissues, such as blood vessels, lung, and bone, are also in high demand with few sources.
This exclusive method of cleaning transplantable tissues allows us to maximize each gift of life donated by generous tissue donors and their families.
Thymic epithelial stem cells (TESC), which can generate all of the epithelial subpopulations of the adult thymus, present an alternative source of transplantable cells.

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