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1 -- cover -- color) Life stock: Ethical questions arise over transplanting animal organs into humans
Gumpel is continuing her project of remyelinating lesions, this time in the spinal cord, by transplanting fragments of CNS from healthy mice in which spinal cord lesions have been experimentally made.
When you transplant an organ, it's as if you're accidentally transplanting a bit of bone marrow," he says.
Louis reported transplanting gelating patches containing retinal cells into blinded rats (SN: 11/4/89, p.
Previously, cell transplants were performed by surgically removing progenitor cells from the pelvis of either the patient or a donor and then transplanting the blood cells to the patient following myeloablative chemotherapy.
Transplanting liver cells, or hepatocytes, could serve as an alternative someday to whole liver transplants in children too small to get livers from larger donors, Ledley says.
Louis reasoned that transplanting a single lung, with pulmonary artery attached, would take the pressure off the right ventricle, making a heart transplant unnecessary and shortening the waiting period.