transportation charge

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Last but not least, due to some major factors including the unit price of fuel for marine use approaching US$700 per ton, the surcharge of low-sulfur fuel, the uncertainty of stevedores, and the additional inland transportation charge while encountering detour, shipping liners likely collected the full-amount fuel surcharge to balance declining revenues.
According to Teitlebaum's 1997 opinion, so long as the transportation charge was billed separately, there could be no imposition of sales tax.
If convicted on the transportation charge, MOLIGNARO faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 5 years in prison up to a maximum of 20 years in prison.
With the Import Express service, DHL takes complete responsibility from pickup to delivery, all for one pre-quoted transportation charge.
Finally, the court determined that the oil transportation charges paid by Remington were properly charged to the net profits account, and Remington's transportation charge was valid under the contract.
CNUOC has agreed to purchase at a mutually-agreed Mongolian/Chinese border point, any crude produced by SOCO Tamtsag at world price less a fixed transportation charge of $2.
NYSE: PX) announced today that it is implementing a transportation charge for bulk oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and helium, effective March 12, 2003.
Energy Choice customers, regardless of supplier, would see the Unrecovered Gas Cost portion of the Dominion East Ohio transportation charge fall from 47.
To bring the gas to Crossroads, an additional fixed local transportation charge of approximately U.
Distinguishing itself from all other Gulf Coast storage facilities, customers of Jefferson Island will not be subject to a separate transportation charge across the 24-inch storage lateral between any combination of Jefferson Island, LIG and the Henry Hub, an attractive incentive for active players of the NYMEX natural gas futures market.

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