transportation fee

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The Birla Public School has hiked the tuition as well as transportation fee by 10%.
Abdullah Al-Mutairi, one of the owners of the institutions of school transport said, "There is a change in the price of the student transportation fee.
Sawyer recommended postponing any change to the transportation fee structure, saying the budget picture and the potential for an override are "too murky at this point.
Parents say that their monthly budgets are also getting squeezed owing to rising fees in private schools coupled with tuition and transportation fee and daily pocket money.
In an effort to handle a backlog of street repairs, the city is considering a monthly transportation fee for households.
Donchev explains that in 2011, his company will enter the free energy market and will deliver gas directly to consumers paying only the transportation fee to the State-owned transmission company Bulgartransgaz.
Both sides had earlier resolved their differences over the transportation fee and they now were focusing on tariff and transit fee issues for the Iranian gas to be transported to India through Pakistani border.
The pipeline transportation fee earned is based on the current market price of gas.
When buildings became more expensive, the housing subsidy appeared so that employees could live in their own "mansions'" or houses, and the transportation fee took on a life of its own.
Holmes showed promise as a sophomore, clearing 6-4 but missed the Golden League finals and postseason meets after failing to pay his bus transportation fee.
School Business Manager Liam Hurley presented the committee with two options for transportation fee increases.
2 billion as transportation fee in using the alternate route for the port, he added.

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