transportation fee

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The transportation fee shall apply only once per round trip per pick up, regardless of the number of truck(s) being transported.
WEST BOYLSTON - The School Committee has unanimously voted to approve a reduction in the student transportation fee as a means of spurring increased ridership on school buses.
Board members also approved a revised proposal for a new transportation fee to pay for parking lot improvements and provide bus passes to all students taking classes for academic credits at the main campus in Eugene.
It also calls for charging a $20-per-term transportation fee to all credit students and $10 for noncredit students.
5 per barrel transportation fee plus $ 8 billion in budget support - is about the restart of oil production and the prevention of mutually assured bankruptcy.
The transportation fee (to students) has generated an average of about $60,000 for each of the last three years, which is an average of about 400 paying riders," Superintendent Thomas J.
The utility board voted unanimously Tuesday to refuse to collect the city of Eugene's new transportation fee, complaining that EWEB would be the target of public ill-will while the city would replenish its road fund.
Eugene's municipal utility will have no part in collecting the city's new transportation fee, Eugene Water & Electric Board commissioners declared Tuesday night.
Torrey opposed the transportation fee when it initially came before the council last summer, but supported it last month after county officials failed to join the cities in taking an areawide approach to the issue.

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