transportation of commodities

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The US TSA committee banned the transportation of commodities on passenger airplanes and stipulated that it is necessary for commodities and goods to remain in Cairo Airport for 48 hours and in the transit country for another 48 hours.
Project Description : The EBRD is considering providing senior secured loan to finance seasonal working capital needs associated with trading operations of the company (origination in Ukraine, primary processing, storage and transportation of commodities and their subsequent sale for export).
He said Iran's naval transportation of commodities totaled 146 million tons last year (ended March 20, 2015), rising by 5 percent comparing to its previous year (ended March 20, 2014).
The global transportation of commodities has become an essential component for the modern world, with shipping and logistic services considered a necessity in the move towards rapid economic growth," Sibai revealed.
Once the Aus-Luderitz railway line is completed, potential growth lies in the transportation of commodities, such as manganese and grain to the port of Luderitz.
5% in 2014 and 2015) and demand for the transportation of commodities, KTZ's key revenue driver.
Zakaria Usman stated that the government is already constructing the roads for smooth transportation of commodities from farm to market which is appreciable.
The canal expansion project on Atlantic and Pacific Coasts, will strengthen Panama's global logistical benefits in the Western Hemisphere and fuel the transportation of commodities with a much higher efficiency, while the country is expected to preserve its accomplishments in financial infrastructure, considered by the World Bank to be among the top two in Latin America and the 40th at the world's level.
Even the essential commodities and kitchen items are available at the rates four times higher than the market rate as the shop keepers advance the only pretext for overcharging us that they have to pay high cost on transportation of commodities due to lack of road, said Jamal Din, a school teacher.
In the meantime, the rest of Egypt's road network needs to be upgraded, to cope with the increasing transportation of commodities between Sudan and Egypt, and from here to other neighbouring countries.
The agreements between Bangui and Khartoum provide for the conduct of road transportation of commodities, establishment of a free-trade zone, utilization of facilities and sea ports in eastern Sudan for CAR's exports and imports, as well as the construction of a railway from Khartoum to Bangui, running through Chad.
He said floods had washed away vegetable crops besides halting the communication or transportation of commodities from various areas.

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