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In discussing the habitus of the writer and translator one would consider the system of durable, transposable dispositions that the individual has acquired as a socialised body--dispositions whereby practices and representations can be regulated objectively without in any way being the product of obedience to rules (Bourdieu 1977:72).
Scientifically, they are better known as transposons or transposable elements because of their ability to 'jump' from one position of the genome to another, sometimes having a dramatic effect on the host organism.
Dans l'esprit de Vergueiro, un modele d'organisation politique n'est donc pas seulement une theorie abstraite transposable en tout lieu mais le resultat d'un processus et le fruit d'un contexte.
However, if that something else were indeed key, then why does Harley embrace the neo-modal language of transposable modes--such as "D-Phrygian" (p.
We found that variations of this gene, spurred by mutation and movements of transposable elements, cause a large proportion of color variation in modern grape cultivars," says Owens.
In order to set itself up, however, authorization schemes and regulatory measures that will have been complied with in the initial country of establishment should be made transposable to other countries of establishment without further impediment.
Keywords: Cell-directed mutagenesis; Darwinism; gene; directed panspermia; evolutionary tree; mutationism, natural selection; neutral theory; organic evolution; origin of life; phyletic gradualism; neo-Darwinism; species; punctuated equilibrium; synthetic theory; genome; biochip; Darwinism; last universal common ancestor; organic evolution; ruh; natural computer biosystem; natural software engineering; synthetic theory; phylogenetic software differentiation; primordial biochip; transposable elements; programmed organic evolution.
Two drafts of the rice (Oryza sativa) genome provide opportunity for repetitive and transposable element discovery.
The colorful textiles in Amos's painting also extend the definition of identity as a portable, transposable, and contingent matter of clothing as opposed to the reductive limitations ascribed to one's biology, genes, or even place of birth.
0, a Windows program that provides transposable sheet music for more than 300 traditional children and adult song classics.
Are these requirements transposable to stem cell research?
It is not enough to say that A Fratricide Trilogy cannot be reduced to some methodological instrumentality or to a set of rules and transposable procedures.

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